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Transitions → libpng-rm (auto)

This tracker was setup by a very simple automated tool.  The tool may not be very smart...

Extra information (collected entirely from testing!):
 * can-smooth-update: no - libpng12-dev is not in libs or oldlibs
Filter by status: good bad unknown
ignore packages that are not in testing
Dependency level 1 (build logs RC bugs)amd64i386
ace-of-penguins[build logs] (1.5~rc2-1b2)
alevt[build logs] (1:1.6.2-5.1)
amoeba[build logs] (1.1-29.1)
amule[build logs] (2.4.0~git20151120.0023527bc2-1b2)
aqsis[build logs] (1.8.2-3b2)
blockout2[build logs] (2.4+dfsg1-7b3)
clanlib[build logs] (1.0~svn3827-3tanglu2)
contextfree[build logs] (3.0.5+dfsg1-2.2b3)
dcmtk[build logs] (3.6.1~20150924-5b2)
driftnet[build logs] (1.1.5-1.1)
dvdauthor[build logs] (0.7.0-1.4)
endless-sky[build logs] (0.8.11-1b2)
exult[build logs] (1.2-16.1)
fbreader[build logs] (0.12.10dfsg2-1)
fenix[build logs] (0.92a.dfsg1-11.1)
flightgear[build logs] (3.4.0-3b2)
fltk1.1[build logs] (1.1.10-22b2) [ma:same]
freespace2[build logs] (3.7.2+repack-1)
frogatto[build logs] (1.3.1+dfsg-2b4)
gmsh[build logs] (2.12.0+dfsg1-2) [ma:same]
gnome-xcf-thumbnailer[build logs] (1.0-1.2)
hp2xx[build logs] (3.4.4-10.1)
htmldoc[build logs] (1.8.27-8b4)
icinga[build logs] (1.13.3-2b1)
iulib[build logs] (0.3-3.1tanglu2) [ma:same]
knews[build logs] (1.0b.1-31)
kodi[build logs] (16.1+dfsg1-1) [ma:same]
libgpiv[build logs] (0.6.1-4.3)
lightspeed[build logs] (1.2a-10b1)
liquidsoap[build logs] (1.1.1-7.1b1)
lsb[arch:all] (9.20160601)
metapixel[build logs] (1.0.2-7.4)
mtpaint[build logs] (3.40-3)
ncbi-tools6[build logs] (6.1.20120620-10) [ma:same]
openclonk[build logs] (7.0-3b1)
pcl[build logs] (1.7.2-14b1) [ma:same]
petitboot[build logs] (
pgplot5[build logs] (5.2.2-19.2)
[build logs] (0.12.5-dfsg-2b1)
pingus[build logs] (0.7.6-3b1)
plotutils[build logs] (2.6-6b1) [ma:same]
png2html[build logs] (1.1-5b1)
pngmeta[build logs] (1.11-7.1)
pngnq[build logs] (1.0-2.2)
poppler[build logs] (0.44.0-3) [ma:same]
pslib[build logs] (0.4.5-3.1)
pygdchart2[build logs] (0.beta1-3.6)
qutemol[build logs] (0.4.1~cvs20081111-5)
residualvm[build logs] (0.2.1+dfsg-2b1)
rlvm[build logs] (0.14-2b1)
simage[build logs] (1.7.1~2c958a6.dfsg-2.1b1) [ma:same]
sofa-framework[build logs] (1.0~beta4-10b2)
spamprobe[build logs] (1.4d-14)
tachyon[build logs] (0.99~b6+dsx-4b3) [ma:same]
tuxonice-userui[build logs] (1.1+dfsg1.gc3bdd83-4)
tuxpuck[build logs] (0.8.2-6b2)
tvtime[build logs] (1.0.2-14b1)
viewmol[build logs] (2.4.1-23b1)
voxbo[build logs] (1.8.5~svn1246-2b1)
w3cam[build logs] (0.7.2-6.2)
xawtv[build logs] (3.103-4b1)
xli[build logs] (1.17.0+20061110-4)
xmedcon[build logs] (0.14.1-1b1)
xnecview[build logs] (1.35-8)
xplanet[build logs] (1.3.0-3)
xsane[build logs] (0.999-3b1)
Dependency level 2 (build logs RC bugs)amd64i386
aeskulap[build logs] (0.2.2b1-15b5)
afterstep[build logs] (2.2.12-8b2) [ma:same]
calligra[build logs] (1:2.9.11+dfsg-2)
choreonoid[build logs] (1.1.0+dfsg-6.2b2) [ma:same]
csound[build logs] (1:6.05~dfsg1-7b2)
fenix-plugins[build logs] (0.0.20070803-7)
gambas3[build logs] (3.8.4-3)
imview[build logs] (1.1.9c-16)
mia[build logs] (2.2.7-6)