Tanglu Development

These pages provide QA information about the Tanglu package archive, to help finding issues early and to make the life of Tanglu developers easier.

All the services we currently provide are listed below.

Build-needing packages & dependencies

This resource provides information about packages which need to be built as well as about their dependency-state in staging.

It also lists all uninstallable packages in Tanglu's current development version (aequorea)


Transition Tracker

We track package transitions in the Tanglu archive. You can take a look at their state via the transition tracker, which is very helpful to find out why a package has not left staging yet.


Staging migration status

This resource lists the state of all packages in the staging suite, showing excuses why the packages can't migrate to the development suite.

Update Excuses Britney Output

Package merge status (package-watch)

This resource shows the merge-status of Tanglu core packages (which are in the base-suite or in an officially supported desktop, which we use to build installation media).

It shows whether the packages are in sync with Debian, and if newer upstream releases are avaliable.

Base Minimal Standard Desktop-Common GNOME KDE

Untagged Versions


The Germinate results for Tanglu can be viewed on these pages.